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PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product Winner 2023
Puttlink smart golf ball

Smart Ball

practice putting smarter now!

Putt Like a Pro
With PuttLink

  • PuttLink's Smart Golf Ball is a putting training device that connects wirelessly to your mobile device.  Apple and Android devices are supported, including a companion app for the Apple Watch.

  • The PuttLink App displays data received from the Smart Ball on your device in real-time including roll distance, velocity, entry pace, make or miss, even the stimp reading.

  • As you practice, stats like make percentage, distance control, or putt speed are continuously stored and updated so you can achieve goals and track performance.

  • Practice smarter, get better, and have fun with PuttLink Smart Ball!

    Connect and Train

    PuttLink's Smart Ball connects wirelessly to your mobile device by Bluetooth. As you putt, the PuttLink App receives data about the putt from the ball.  Train with drills for distance control, make percentage, entry speed, and varying green slope.  Track your progress week-to-week with stats views. 

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    Putt Distance, Speed, Stimp & More!

    PuttLink calculates the true roll distance a putt travels.  This means even on breaking putts, an accurate distance is provided.  Cup entry speed allows you to practice making putts at firm or dying pace.  Calculated green speed (stimp) values let you know how fast the greens are rolling.

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    PuttLink opens many new possibilities for putting games and competitions.  Gather a group of players to play in unique putting challenges using our App.  Most feet of putts made in 5 attempts is one example.  You can find the feet of putts made data in the Practice Mode

    Data and Stats