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How to use the Smart Ball App

1.  Open the App and establish a connection with your ball.  Click "Add new connection" button.

2.  Turn on the ball.  Use a tee to press the button on the ball.

3.  Click on the device ID found.

4.  Enter a device name for your ball. 

5.  Successful connection.  Multiple balls can be paired.  To start a practice session, click Drills on the bottom bar.  

6.  Choose "Practice" or one of the training drills modes to begin putting.  Practice mode does not influence your weekly stats.  Drills allow you to focus on improvement in key areas: accuracy, distance and speed control.  Results from each drill are stored in your weekly statistics views

7.  Click "Next Putt" to make ready for putting.  The screen background will change from red to green.  Toggle "Auto on/off" to enable a 20 second automatic ready reset. 

8.  Place the ball with the PuttLink logo facing up and the red line pointed at the target.  Set the phone in the provided stand or another elevated position such as a pocket.  As the ball is putted, data will update in the app.  A voice announcement of distance can be enabled in the App settings.

9.  To make a stimp measurement, select Stimp from the bottom bar.  Make a putt of 15 to 20 feet.  If the reading was successful, the stimp value will be displayed.  Multiple readings can be taken and the avg value will be shown.

10.  Track your putting performance and progress with the weekly stats views.  Each drill will have a stat view graph.  Swipe left or right to change the week in the main window.  Share your results to social media and your coach.

Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 13 13 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 14 03 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 14 10 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 44 55 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 14 48 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 14 59 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 15 39 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 17 19 PM.png
Photo Aug 28 2023, 2 29 23 PM.png
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