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Drill Troubleshooting Guide

I'm putting, but nothing is happening

Make sure that your ball is connected. If you are in a drill and do not see a red banner at the top of the screen, then you are connected to a ball.

If the background of the screen is red, then you must select the button at the bottom to tell the app that you are ready to putt the ball. The screen should then turn green. Once the screen is green, putt the ball. After the putt is completed, the screen will turn red again. Reset the position of the ball, then press the button again. Putt as many times as you'd like for the drill.

Putting doesn't work indoors

The ball works by using light. Puttlink can work outdoors even around twilight and sunset. Some indoor lightbulbs do not work well with Puttlink, but most do. Using an IR light will allow you to use Puttlink indoors anywhere! Read more about indoor lights with Puttlink

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