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Product Info and FAQs
  • PuttLink Smart Ball and Stimp Ball connect via Bluetooth, so ensure Bluetooth is enabled in your device settings.  In addition, location permissions will need to be allowed for certain features.

  • Our patent-pending technology uses light sensors to accurately calculate ball motion.  There should be no problem on outdoor putting greens from dawn to dusk.  When using indoors, a well-lit room is needed.  Natural light from a window will work as well.      

  • When ready to putt, place the ball on the putting surface with the PuttLink logo facing up and the alignment line pointing forward.   

  • This is a putting training device.  Do not hit the ball with a driver or another club that is not a putter.  This would most likely result in damage to the electronics and would not be covered by a warranty. 

  • Do not submerge the ball in water.  Normal moisture found on a putting green is not a problem.

  • The range of the Bluetooth connection depends on device type.  A phone placed on the provided stand will generally give a range between 10 and 15 feet.   A phone kept in a pocket will give a range of around 20 to 25 feet.  Following the putt is suggested for longer putts. 

  • If the ball goes out of range, a popup message will appear in the app.  Reconnect by pressing the connect button in the app.

  • The battery is currently not rechargeable.  We believe the battery will last up to 2 years or more and thousands of putts.  A one-year free replacement warranty is provided, and a 2-year replacement warranty option is available for $25.

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