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practice smarter this summer

PuttLink smart ball connects wirelessly to Apple or Android devices.  Your putting stats are continuously updated in the App as you practice.  In Drills Mode, feel the pressure to achieve goals with distance control, accuracy, or putt speed.   Or join up with other players in putting competitions.  Practice smarter, practice together, and have fun with PuttLink!

 Stimp Ball is the world's first golf ball for measuring putting green speed.  No rods or rulers needed!  Install the App on your apple or android device, connect wirelessly to the Stimp Ball (instructions here), then putt across any putting green.  The stimp value is displayed immediately.  Stores multiple readings to calculate an the average stimp.  Use the included stimp converter tool to know how far a putt will roll for different green speeds.  This allows you to practice distance control for any green speed.   Coming soon: course database to help superintendents monitor green speed changes.

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